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    Affordable Web Solutions
    Providing affordable web site solutions tailored to your exact needs.
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  • Eloquent Design
    Creating websites as unique as you are
    Creative solutions with stunning results
    Using the top web technologies
    to provide you with the best possible solutions
    jQuery UI
    Bootstrap & Foundation
    Apache 2
    DOM Scripting
  • Responsive Design
    Creative designs for all mobile devices
    Your site will always look great, no matter what device it's being viewed from
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  • Clean Maintainable Code
    Using best practices in web development
    Rest assured that the code we deliver
    Uses the best practices
    Is developed with clarity, readability, and simplicity
    Is designed and implemented with thought in mind
    Is engineered for all desktop and mobile devices
    Is well documented
    Is nicely formatted
    Can be easily maintained
  • Mobile Friendly
    To reach a wider more mobile audience
    Don't miss out on the mobile device audience.
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Tailored to your exact needs

You may have some idea of what you would like to have your site look like. Or, maybe you know you want a fantastic looking site to promote your business or identity, but need help in the creative aspect.

I will work with you to make sure you're completely happy with the look, feel, and operation of your site.

Results you can see

Today, site's need a great look and feel, to give users and enjoyable experience when visiting. A site that does not look professional will give your visitors a bad impression of your business.

You want a site which has a professional look, and draws interest to your visitors, so they visit more often, and stay on your site for longer durations.

Beautiful Code

When code is structured, nicely formatted, clear, concise, and readable, it's a joy to work with, and also easier to maintain and expand in the future, saving you money.

I will insure your code uses the best practices, and has the top quality, so you can rest assured that your site will be easily maintained in the future.

Search Engine Friendly

You want your website to be easily found by your target audience, and want it to be optimized for your keywords and business domain.

I will deliver a pleasing and well functional result, but will also develop your site to be search engine friendly, and perform the standard practices of search engine optimization (SEO).

My name is Mitchel Haas, and as the lead developer for Datasoft Solutions, I've worked over 25 years in software development. Working as a contractor and freelancer for multiple fortune 500 companies has given me the opportunity to learn numerous development strategies and methodologies. Starting my own software business and building my own websites, as well as those for my clients, I've learned that website development involves much more than just esthetics and functionality. Versed in both website development and marketing, you can be sure that I'll consider all aspects when working on your site.
Web development has exploded over the last decade into many different languages and technologies. While many website solution providers claim to be experts in all languages and technologies, I take a much different strait forward approach. I have a deep passion for web development, but realize I cannot master all web languages and technologies. This is why I've concentrated my time on those specific languages and technologies, including html5, php, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ajax, Bootstrap, Foundation, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Apache2, Linux, Ubuntu, Git, Subversion, and DOM scripting.
With over 25 years of development experience, I can assure you that your project will be developed correctly the first time. As a active open source developer of popular projects known world wide, and as a web site developer for multiple businesses and organizations, I've gained a reputation of trust and responsibility. You can be sure that your intellectual property will not be compromised. I treat all your work with the same care and consideration I would want for my own projects and products, and am aware of the necessary precautions for keeping all work secure and confidential.